A Memory Never Shaken

The classes were as long as a school day except worse because it was the middle of summer. I sat with a bunch of kids from other schools in the county I didn’t know and didn’t really care to know. I listened to the most pointless, boring, common sense drivel that ever came out of anyone’s mouth while fighting the urge to fall asleep or stab myself with a pencil just to feel break up the boredom.

Driver’s Ed, the only part of getting your license worse than the parallel parking test.

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Bible Stories That Make My Teeth Grind Part 2

There are a lot of stories in the bible I hate- Revelations in its entirety, for sure, and I could spend all day talking about all the things I disagree with, but there is one in particular that really makes my blood boil.

This one, to me, is an example of god at his worst. Its moral is sick and twisted, and it astounds me how often I was told this story and was expected to love god.

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Bible Stories That Make My Teeth Grind Part 1

One night when I was a kid I pulled out the bible from my shelf and said, “I’m going to read the bible, that’s what good people do right? Well I can be a good person.” Flip open the book and begin a very serious phase of disillusion.

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