Why I Love Humanism

When I was atheist/agnostic I grew tired of people telling me “I can’t believe you don’t believe in anything. You’d have a much more fulfilling life if you did.” Atheists and agnostics believe in a lot of things. They have a tendency not to believe in supernaturalism- that hardly rules out “anything.”

They can believe society can function without religion. They can believe that death is a finality which makes life all the more wonderful. They can believe the sky is one of the most beautiful things in existence. They can believe our interactions with other people make life worth living. They can believe the color indigo is just a funny way of saying blue. They can believe wint-o-green blows the pants off peppermint.

Atheists have just as much belief invested in things as anyone else, they just don’t have a belief that has been indoctrinated into philosophy.

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