Apparently I’m A Pessimist

Optimists and Pessimists signpost

I, and many atheists, have often been accused of being pessimistic. Not a very scalding denunciation, but I take issue with it in that I have never once been labeled a pessimist in a situation where I was actually being pessimistic. In fact, some of the claims have been downright confusing. Here are a few things I’ve said that have been met with that response:

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Anti-human Theology: Learning to Hate Yourself

This is just dead on accurate. I can’t stand it when I hear certain religious types saying we’re all flawed human beings. Cast off that stigma! We shouldn’t have to carry the weight of guilt from the second we’re born. The author does a great job of analyzing this feeling.

godless in dixie

billboard I have a confession to make.  I still struggle with a deep self-hatred which I inherited from my Christian upbringing.  It’s been nearly five years now since I “broke up with Jesus” and yet after all this time I still have this unhealthy undercurrent pulling me down, making me think less of myself than I should.  It most commonly rears its ugly head when I am under a great deal of stress.  I’m sure many could confirm that it’s when you are tired and your reserves are depleted that these things tend to come back to haunt you.  I hear some of this comes with age, too.  The older you get, the more you just get tired, and the longer you have to accumulate charges against yourself.  Some of that’s probably unavoidable, I guess, and is just a part of life.  It also doesn’t help me personally that I grew up…

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Who Cares About the Afterlife?

I thought for a long time about what I was going to say on this topic, but you know what I realized? No one gives a shit about what I think about the afterlife.

Everyone is territorial of their view of the afterlife. Humans are the only species who realize death is inevitable, and that’s a scary thing to come to terms with. Afterlife is that solace you create to make it seem not so terrible. We are all vain creatures, we want to believe that some part of us will live on for all eternity, and we want it to be the best form of existence possible.

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Atheists Are the Most Ignorant People on Earth

… And that’s really the point.

The common complaint against atheists is “they think they know everything,” and, believe me, I know exactly where that feeling comes from. Read any YouTube comment made by an atheist and you’ll probably feel the need to kick their smug ass.

Don’t listen to people on the internet…


…Except me…


…Ok, not even me…


…Especially not me.

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