Atheists Are the Most Ignorant People on Earth

… And that’s really the point.

The common complaint against atheists is “they think they know everything,” and, believe me, I know exactly where that feeling comes from. Read any YouTube comment made by an atheist and you’ll probably feel the need to kick their smug ass.

Don’t listen to people on the internet…


…Except me…


…Ok, not even me…


…Especially not me.

But at least read what I have to say so you can add it to your own consciousness and let it swirl with your personal thoughts and feelings so that it may have a modicum of influence which may be of value to you someday.

For some reason a lot of atheists (or at least ones that use the internet), especially new atheists, love to act like they’ve got it all figured it out. One of their favorite hobbies is to bash Christians and make broad generalizations about all of them.

I’ll admit it was something I did quite often when I first left the religion. Part of it is retaliation. There are two common reactions when you leave a faith: Pity and disdain. Both are equally annoying and will never convince anyone to come back.

So when someone sees you’ve left and says something like “You’ve lost your way, I’ll pray for you.” It’s only natural to feel angry and see them as the enemy.

With that Christians don’t just become a people of faith you chose not to walk down- they are the haughty, ignorant know-it-alls who keep evolution out of textbooks and are convinced that everyone who doesn’t believe as they do are going to hell.

And the atheists who believe that are exactly like them.

Suddenly atheism doesn’t focus on examining the mysteries of the universe; it’s about taking the Christians down and showing them how wrong they are. It’s about going on YouTube and making stupid, fuck ass comments to start an argument and show everyone how brilliant you are and how moronic anyone with faith is. It’s looking down on Christians, smiling, and shaking your head because they’re nothing but mindless sheep while you’re the almighty atheist who figured everything out that day you decided church was a waste of time.

Ugh, spare me.

Listen, anyone on the internet who takes time to argue about that stuff is an ignorant jackass who’s more concerned with proving something to themselves than they are about what’s right, wrong, and best for the world.




It’s the vocal minority who only has a voice on public forums because that’s the only place where they can find other jackasses who won’t walk away when they start spewing a bunch of crap. Then the whole discussion will go from whatever the main point was to how stupid the opposite group is.

There’s something very dangerous about a room full of people who spend the whole day agreeing with each other.

Now, back to my main point. Atheists (real atheists) are the most ignorant people on Earth, and that’s because they embrace their ignorance. The whole point is to realize that answers aren’t easy to find. It won’t be the first explanation someone came up with thousands of years ago when science was simply wishing really hard for a good harvest.

There’s a certain kind of beauty in realizing that we don’t know everything and there’s so much for us to learn. It prompts you into looking for the truth. Imagine how far behind our world would be if everyone continued to believe the world was flat.

Atheism is breaking away to think “maybe there isn’t a rational explanation to everything, maybe this isn’t all some grand design, maybe it just happened randomly.” And to me, the idea that existence was a random circumstance that just happened to have all the right pieces fall into place is infinitely cooler than some omniscient being just willing it to happen.

It makes many go out, explore, and try to figure out what really got this whole universe started and examine all its mysteries. Just because we embrace our ignorance doesn’t mean we want to stay that way.

And true Christians, I believe, feel similarly. As I’ve said in previous entries, you’ll be hard pressed to find a Christian with a college education who believes the Earth was really created in seven days and all life came from Adam and Eve. Real Christians, the ones who aren’t shouting with red faces on Fox News, acknowledge ignorance while still believing in a degree of divine plan, and that’s just fine because it still helps the human race move forward.


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