Discovery of Mega Earth

Have you heard the news yet?

Mega Earth

Scientists found a new type of planet they didn’t even think could exist before. This is fucking exciting. There’s a lot of talk about life that may have existed here before, but I’m not so interested in that. Hell, I’m dreading the day we find alien life- that’s going to be a big hassle.

What’s exciting to me is that this is another step towards the eventual colonization of space. Not this planet, and not for a long, long time, but this is a great morale boost. It’s further hope for more planets far bigger than Earth that can sustain humankind. The only way we’re going to stop the decay of the universe is to go out to it and start growing.

It also proves that rocky planets formed a lot earlier than scientists thought. Perhaps we’re on the verge of learning something new about the creation of the universe. Now wouldn’t that be interesting?


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