Southern Atheists Unite!

This is a pretty cool idea if it can be pulled off.

godless in dixie

super_skeptic_Dixie_picI could use your help with something.  David Silverman over at American Atheists has announced that next year’s big national convention will be held in Memphis, TN, which is Deep South territory.  But I’m discovering that getting the word out to groups of skeptics around this region is really difficult!  For one thing, “freethinkers” don’t care much for joining groups, and even after they start one, they aren’t big into networking with other groups.  Too independent, I guess.  In any given large city like Atlanta, there may be a dozen atheist/secularist groups but they don’t always communicate with each other except when members who belong to more than one group intentionally pass things along.  Then to make matters more difficult, many atheist groups in the Bible Belt are completely “secret,” which means they’re not even “searchable” on Google or in Facebook.  You would have to know somebody already in the…

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