Prank Calls to Christian Hotlines

I just spent three days in my car moving from Georgia to California so I’m way too fried to think of anything good to say, but I saw a lot of billboards asking… no that’s not the right word- demanding that I call christian hotlines to avoid going to hell, and that reminded me of these. I did not make them I just found them

And just for the hell of it


One thought on “Prank Calls to Christian Hotlines

  1. The first one was awesome. It reminded me of one of my club’s posters at our university. William Lane Craig was coming to my university to give a talk so my club responded with posters. In response to his poster stating that the universe needs a creator therefore god, our poster said “Which god?” and someone wrote “Talos” on it. For obvious reasons we left it up despite the vandalism.

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