God Explains Everything!

Seems like every time I post on here I somehow get sucked into the world of religion vs atheism.

Outside of this blog I stay as far away from that shit as possible. It’s depressing and infuriating.

For instance, during my last foray I came across several over zealous Christians saying that god is the best, and most logical explanation for the world’s mysteries.

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5 Dumbest Reasons People Think I’m an Atheist

A large number of religious people seem to have a hard time grasping how anyone can be an atheist. If you’ve ever seen those questionnaires for atheists a lot of the questions circle around the theme “how could you not believe?”

Guys, take a step back and think about which of the options is the harder pill to swallow.

This shock and awe at a person’s capacity to not believe in supernaturalism has led several religious to create some bizarre rationalizations for atheism. These explanations often belittle the intelligence and reason of nonbelievers. This way insecure religious individuals can feel better about themselves by disregarding the mental validity of those that disagree with them.

Here are five of the worst ones I’ve heard in my 10+ years without a god.

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An Atheist’s Mission

My ultimate goal is to teach all your kids that god is a lie and that only a hedonistic life where sin is an opinion rather than fact is the way to go.

I really shouldn’t make jokes like that considering the large number of people who skim sentences of my posts rather than reading the whole thing (the staggering amount of people who rescind their “likes” of my posts is evidence enough of that).

Often I’ll come across an evangelical type claiming that the “godless” are trying to steer your children away from the lord and put them on the dark path.

Dude, I hate kids. They can believe whatever they want, I don’t care. Not like a child has the capacity to really “believe” anything with rational conviction anyway.

Here’s the thing: most atheists have had people tirelessly try and convert them back to religion. My uncles’ (yes, I intended the plural form here grammar sticklers) housekeeper tried to do it to me just last week. In fact right now I’m hiding out downtown because I saw she brought a bunch of Christian literature with her and I just cannot listen to that spiel again. Many atheists realize how forthright attempts to convert are annoying and occasionally insulting.

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