An Atheist’s Mission

My ultimate goal is to teach all your kids that god is a lie and that only a hedonistic life where sin is an opinion rather than fact is the way to go.

I really shouldn’t make jokes like that considering the large number of people who skim sentences of my posts rather than reading the whole thing (the staggering amount of people who rescind their “likes” of my posts is evidence enough of that).

Often I’ll come across an evangelical type claiming that the “godless” are trying to steer your children away from the lord and put them on the dark path.

Dude, I hate kids. They can believe whatever they want, I don’t care. Not like a child has the capacity to really “believe” anything with rational conviction anyway.

Here’s the thing: most atheists have had people tirelessly try and convert them back to religion. My uncles’ (yes, I intended the plural form here grammar sticklers) housekeeper tried to do it to me just last week. In fact right now I’m hiding out downtown because I saw she brought a bunch of Christian literature with her and I just cannot listen to that spiel again. Many atheists realize how forthright attempts to convert are annoying and occasionally insulting.

I have my beliefs, I’m content with my beliefs, so back off and I’ll extend the same courtesy to you.

I know that certain members of the secular community do not share my attitude and spend their time insulting and ridiculing the beliefs of religious in an attempt to shame them into atheism.

Just like in the religious community, the most vocal atheists are often the most obnoxious.

I will say in their defense that many of their more insulting posts stem from outrage at some form of prejudice or injustice motivated by religious zeal. It can be tempting to condemn the entire faith rather than the misguided perpetrators.

Now I can say I don’t want to convert anyone to atheism, but I’m godless so I’m sneaky right? We use subversive tactics to try and trick people into our way of thinking.

Well it’s true. I won’t outright say “you should stop believing in religion because this and this and this.” Instead I flatly present my philosophies with no indication that is what someone should believe. I let them hear what I have to say and if they find that there’s something in there that appeals to them they may go down a train of thought that leads them their own conclusions. Then they have the strength of conviction that comes with thinking for oneself rather than being told what to believe.

I’m basically brainwashing everyone.

I don’t give a shit what anybody believes about god or the world’s origin or spirituality. As a Humanist all I care about is doing as much good in the world as possible. If I want to convert people to anything it’s that everybody is on the same team and we should be working together. We can still argue about things and believe that.

The only way I want to “suppress” religion is to stop any changes in government or other affairs that are argued solely on religious principles. Gay marriage, abortion, religious icons outside of government institutions—if your argument includes the phrase “it says in the bible,” then you shouldn’t be making it.

Ah, but I’m a Humanist and I want Humanist values to influence how we run things, right? The difference is that I can make arguments for every value I have that are based on reason and logic. I don’t have those values because I’m a Humanist, I’m a Humanist because I have those values. I could make an argument for them without having ever heard the term humanism. If you can argue an opposing idea to me without religious text then I can respect it (usually). I can’t if your only argument is “it says in the bible”– one book that has been interpreted a thousand different ways with a belief system that not everyone subscribes to.

So my atheist mission: convince people that there is no “us” and “them,” only a hugely powerful “we.”


4 thoughts on “An Atheist’s Mission

  1. I volunteer at a museum and zoo. My goal is to help people make connections between animals and evolution (though, that is certainly not the major focus). Contrary to what evangelicals think, that does not mean I’m trying to turn them into atheists. We have fun and we learn about how we can help animals.

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