God Explains Everything!

Seems like every time I post on here I somehow get sucked into the world of religion vs atheism.

Outside of this blog I stay as far away from that shit as possible. It’s depressing and infuriating.

For instance, during my last foray I came across several over zealous Christians saying that god is the best, and most logical explanation for the world’s mysteries.

…. Come on, you’re better than that. If god did exist it would be the greatest mystery of all time. Where did that thing come from? Why does the question of “why” always disappear when god is involved? All powerful? How did that happen? Why does the idea that god always existed satisfy you but “reality always existed” doesn’t?

In any case, no, god is not the most logical explanation for mysteries. It can be the most convenient, but that’s because you’re filling in gaps with whatever notion comes into your head.

Let me provide a clear example.

Paul lives on an island. This island has had no contact with the outside world and as far as Paul is aware his island and his people are all that exist in the world.

There is a famine in Paul’s village. Paul goes on an expedition to see if he can find food on the island.

Paul goes all the way to the island’s shore but finds no food or animals. Washed up on the beach, however, is a box. Paul examines the box and discovers it is full of food.

Paul wonders where the food came from.

Then Paul remembers the story of Kai the sea god. Kai is a benevolent deity who lends his aid to those most in need. Paul decides this food must be a gift from Kai. He brings the food back to the village and tells the story to his people who all agree the food is from Kai. Thus their faith in Kai is strengthened and they hold a great festival in his honor.

That Explains Everything

Given Paul’s limited understanding of the world, the food being a gift from Kai is the answer that best makes sense.

What Paul didn’t know was that crate fell of a ship that drifted close to Paul’s village earlier that day. To Paul it is inconceivable that there is any life outside the island, thus it would be illogical for Paul to think that the food came from other people.

This is why god can seemingly be the best explanation (I mean, not to me, but to somebody I guess). When we don’t have all the information available, we fill the gaps with what we do know, or, in religion’s case, unsupported nonsense that can’t technically be disproven.

The funny thing is, we do the same thing with science. We create theories and answers based on our limited knowledge and experiments. Since no man knows every mystery of the universe, we cannot always be sure that these assertions are 100% fact.

The difference is: science is open to and acknowledges change based on new information.

We change our understanding of the universe based on new things we discover. That’s how we learn and grow, just like when you’re a kid and your understanding of the world changes based on what you experience.

Religion refuses to do this. It insists the way things were proposed thousands of years ago must be the one true explanation for everything.

That’s stubbornness to the extreme right there.

You don’t even have to stop believing in god to embrace new understandings on how the universe works! All that changes is that backwards ass image held of the past where humans are riding dinosaurs.

Sadly there are "Museums" that offer this service

Sadly, there are “museums” that offer this service

There was a time when the church insisted the sun revolved around the Earth. Eventually evidence to the contrary became so overwhelming that they were forced to bend. Did religion disappear? No, but it did make the heads of church look like complete idiots.

Fighting against a new idea supported by evidence because you’re afraid it makes you look wrong or ignorant is cowardice. You only make things worse for yourself by digging your heels in and saying “No, that’s wrong. My way is the only way that could possibly be right.”

Get over yourself. Embrace new ideas.


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