The GOP Made a Video Game

Boy, they don’t make propaganda like this anymore.


In this extremely clever attempt to…. convert(?) youths to the republican party, the GOP made a short video game where it’s your job to help them when back the senate!

Help Giopi, the elephant who looks remarkably like a mouse and wears the attire of an 80’s wannabe athlete, take back the senate by collecting keys which somehow convinces people to call Washington and demand change! All the while you’ll be squashing taxers and mudslingers who release sound bites when killed that devastate the democrats! Like this one from Obama:

If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor

The scandal!

Enjoy platforming so complex it rivals the likes of Ninja Bread Man. Just to keep things interesting, there’s a time limit of 9999 seconds. Boy that’s rough! Hellen Keller herself would have trouble finishing the game in that amount of time. To top it all off we have level design so amazing you’ll wonder if the team behind Demon’s Souls was involved.


Oye, I wish I knew what the point of this was. Even staunch republicans would find going through it tedious, and no democrat is going to be converted by this piddle that took all of 2 hours to make.

Also, the mudslingers don’t throw projectiles. C’mon, I mean, that’s just a missed opportunity. They even have an animation that looks like they’re throwing something!

Although I was kinda diggin’ the soundtrack.

Dear GOP, mind control is a subtle art. If you want to sway people you have get in their heads without them even knowing it. Who was this meant for? I genuinely want to know. What was the damn point? Last I checked, not many conservatives were big gamers, and the ones that are would see this as an embarrassment.

Oh well, it’s good for a laugh if you want to play it. Takes all of 30 seconds to beat it.



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