What’s Going On With T.S.?

Friends, after over a year of searching, traveling, and working part time jobs, I have finally found a full time job that puts my English degree to use.

This is the first time in over a year I feel truly happy.

The new job is in Utah so after 4 short months I’m bailing out of California and headed into new territory. As you might imagine, moving is taking up a lot of my time, as is research for the new job, looking for apartments, etc.

Constant Consciousness will be back when I’m settled and have time to breathe.

And unlike every other website that goes on hiatus promising to coming back, I actually mean it. I love this site, I love the topics I write about, and I haven’t lost steam or enthusiasm for it in the least. Rest assured it’s often on my mind and will not be abandoned any time soon.


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