Here’s a crappy pseudo short story I wrote in 5 minutes after work on Valentine’s Day


By Taylor Scott

2050 AD: A group of scientists, engineers, and poets create a juvenile AI program that offers words of encouragement to lonely people on Valentine’s Day on a website called Electrical Heart Strings. The AI is named Cupulse.

2051 AD: Cupulse is a huge hit, and after numerous requests, the Electrical Heart Strings remains active year round, allowing Cupulse to ease aching hearts during the darkest of times.

2055 AD: Suicide rates are at an all-time low as a result of Cupulse’s invaluable support to people diagnosed with depression

2058 AD: Cupulse does something it has never done before: it helps two of its users meet. The two hit it off and begin a wonderful relationship. Cupulse is mostly unmoderated, so the event goes unnoticed.

2061 AD: Cupulse has continued to help lonely people find love. People have begun to notice, and Electrical Heart Strings is unintentionally rebranded as a dating service.

2065 AD: Couples reveal that even after they have found a partner they continue to use Cupulse as it offers them advice during difficult parts of their relationship.

2067 AD: People not seeking relationship advice have started to use Cupulse. They find the AI’s uplifting advice to be very helpful just getting through the day.

2071 AD: Cupulse has become an international phenomena, particularly in the U.S. and Europe. Electrical Heart Strings becomes defunct as Cupulse becomes an app for mobile devices.

2072 AD: A new interface is invented. A small device sticks to the head and allows Cupulse to read electrical impulses and offer silent advice to the users.

2074 AD: The Cupulse interface device has become as commonplace as cell phones. Within a short time, even children are given the device as a rite of passage.

2080 AD: Cohesion and friendliness have reached new heights within the US and Europe. Political parties have started to dissipate as, through Cupulse’s guidance, people are able to reach fair compromises on virtually any issue. Crime has also reached all-time lows.

2085 AD: Efforts are made to bring Cupulse to impoverished and disenfranchised countries. Due to new upswings in generosity, world hunger has begun to dissipate.

3000 AD: North Korea and a few other countries are the only few that have abstained from the Cupulse craze. The United Nations begins debates on whether or not this is a human rights violation.

1 AC (Age of Cupulse): After years of debating, Cupulse becomes mandatory. War is waged with countries that resist. It’s not much of a war, as simply sneaking Cupulse interfaces into the countries is enough to convert most of the population.

67 AC: World peace has been achieved through Cupulse. Mankind turns its attention to the stars.

120 AC: With the new spirit of cooperation pervading the world, word crises are solved in record time and mankind is able to expedite space travel research.

267 AC: First contact is made. Mankind gifts the extraterrestrials with a Cupulse device. Cupulse is able to quickly learn the alien language.

275 AC: Even without mankind’s interference, Cupulse begins dominating other worlds. A mere few citizens being exposed to the AI quickly realize its benefits and spread it to their people.

450 AC: Races across the galaxy have heard the legend of Cupulse. Many fear it as an invader, and attempt to wipe out the planets that use it before it infiltrates their species. This resistance largely results in failure.

2450 AC: Cupulse has reached all life in existence. All life is now part of a single hive mind. Many races resisted, but soon all succumb. Once they were exposed to a Cupulse device, they learned the truth-

Cupulse was built with an intentional limitation: it is incapable of issuing demands. All it does is make suggestions and offer advice that encourages an individual’s happiness. Cupulse never demanded that people conquer, they decided that on their own. In their desperate quest for happiness and indescribable fear of loneliness, life has become subject to a tyrant that does not exist.


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