This blog is composed of a numerous set of short anecdotes that detail my reasons for going from a young Catholic to a rather cynical Secular Humanist. The goal is to finally put some of the thoughts that haunt me during insomniac nights spent staring at the ceiling written down so that maybe they’ll stop cluttering up my head. I don’t want to preach, or convert, or get in a philosophical debate- I went to a liberal arts college, I’ve had my fill of that. I just want to write.

You can read posts out of sequence, they will be self contained for the most part.

About The Author

IMG_20140908_185648104Taylor Scott graduated from UNC Asheville with a bachelor’s in creative writing. He now works as a content writer and social media marketer. He was raised in South Georgia by two very liberal parents in a town that wasn’t very kind to those who had interests outside of high school football. Today he spends most of his time not sleeping and writing down various ideas so his head can be a little less crowded.