Empathy Trumps Love

Love is constantly being shoved down our throats as the most beautiful, chaotic, frustrating, and rewarding emotion to ever exist.

Ugh. Enough already. Despite what Japanimation tells you, love isn’t some all powerful force that helps us overcome any obstacle. It’s a term we invented to describe an abstract concept we feel towards people who we tolerate slightly more than the rest of society.

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Why I Don’t Kill Bugs

Ever since I was a kid I had an aversion to killing bugs. I remember instances in middle school where I fought off kids trying to squish cockroaches. Mind you these roaches were not even indoors, they were minding their own business outside. Occasionally a teacher would pass by and see my trying to protect the bug and snicker.

Lovely attitude from Catholic school mentors, though they oft proved they had little value for animal life.

Still, I was not completely innocent. I squashed my share of mosquitos and spiders, stepped in ant hills. I never felt good about it, but I never thought of it as “killing.” I was just fighting off a nuisance.

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