Empathy Trumps Love

Love is constantly being shoved down our throats as the most beautiful, chaotic, frustrating, and rewarding emotion to ever exist.

Ugh. Enough already. Despite what Japanimation tells you, love isn’t some all powerful force that helps us overcome any obstacle. It’s a term we invented to describe an abstract concept we feel towards people who we tolerate slightly more than the rest of society.

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Even if I Knew god Existed I Still Wouldn’t Worship Him/Her

My progress on this website has slowed because I have been consumed with the desire to work on fiction. Sadly I cannot post that work here because I have something of a hopeless desire to see it published so that I may finally stop calling myself a writer when I actually have no career to speak of.

Nonetheless I enjoy the topics I cover on this blog and will continue to post new work when the mood strikes me, as it has now. This is partly because I have finally decided to speak on a subject I have long looked forward to writing on.

The title already says it, but for the sake of theatre I shall repeat it here:

Even if I knew god existed I still wouldn’t worship him/her.

That is a rather vague statement. Which god? What interpretation of god? What do you mean by “worship?”

The answers are: All of them, any of them, and I’ll get to that.

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Bible Stories That Make My Teeth Grind Part 1

One night when I was a kid I pulled out the bible from my shelf and said, “I’m going to read the bible, that’s what good people do right? Well I can be a good person.” Flip open the book and begin a very serious phase of disillusion.

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