A Good Parent Never Teaches Right From Wrong

Most people seem surprised when I tell them I became an atheist as early as 13. I’m more surprised that anyone could continue to believe into that stuff well after the age where they start thinking for themselves, but I’m an arrogant prick, so whatever.

The truth is I always kinda knew I was an atheist. All my time in Catholic school I went along with it because adults told me it was true, and you go to school to learn things, right?

Man, what a joke that makes religion class.

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Conversations With My Ceiling

Sleep and I have never been on very good terms. Sleep never wants to hang out with me, sometimes I ask him to, sometimes I just sit around waiting for him, but he blows me off a lot. I think he doesn’t care much for Thinking, because I’m usually chilling out with Thinking while waiting for Sleep to come.

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No Dogs Go to Heaven

Nine years of my life were spent in Catholic school. Anyone who has attended Catholic school can probably feel a great deal of sympathy for that fact. I went for the full run, kindergarten to eighth grade- as this institution had no high school. I have some very vivid memories from this time, most of them rather… unsavory, but for now I’ll stick with the story when I felt my first real conflict with religion.

Like most kids I believed in god because I was told he exists. I never really thought about it before. It was presented to me as a fact and when adults tell you things are real you believe them. Now that I think about it, it’s a bit interesting that most kids question their belief in Santa Claus more than their belief in god, but I suppose Santa doesn’t have entire buildings full of adults praising him, now’s not the time to get distracted though. Continue reading